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We serve Clayton, Henry, Fayette, Spalding, and surrounding counties. Our state of the art equipment is up to date with today’s industry standards which includes, 90 ft aerial lifts, cranes, chippers, dump trucks, turf friendly bobcats and stump grinders.

We offer 24-hour emergency service in addition to the following services by appointment:

    Tree Removal:

    Some obvious reasons for tree removal are; the tree is dead, showing signs decay, storm damaged, leaning towards the home, dropping bothersome leaves or branches, creating too much shade, or landscape renovations. If your grass is not growing, limbs are damaging your roof, or tree roots are in your sewer line, tree removal will eliminate these problems. People choose to have trees removed for a variety of reasons, whatever the reason, we are the company that can take care of all your tree removal needs.

    Dangerous Tree Removal:

    We specialize in removing dangerous trees in hazardous areas. We are fully equipped to safely & meticulously remove any tree(s) that are in difficult areas or situations on your property. If you have tree’s near the powerlines or too close to your home, whatever the need, we can help.


    Yearly pruning maintains a tree’s health. The removal of dead, dying, or diseased branches help prevent further spread of decay. Other advantages of pruning are; improves tree appearance, allows for sunlight, reduces risk of fallen branches that could ultimately cause property damage.

    Storm Damage:

    When mother nature decides to strike and leaves behind storm damaged trees, whether in your yard or on your property (home, cars, fence, out building) our skilled professionals can remove these trees and clean up the debris.

    Stump Grinding:

    Once your tree(s) is removed you have the option to have the stump(s) ground. Some advantages of having the stump ground are; you can easily replant grass, plants or another tree in that same area, with the stump gone you can mow over that area without concern of hitting the stump, grinding will also remove the roots as well.

    We also provide log removal, underbrush cleanup, lot clearing and bush hogging services.