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We recycle 100% of all our tree debris. Nothing goes to the Landfill. We manufacture colored mulch, certified playground mulch, topsoil and firewood at our facility in Jonesboro.

Mulch is a popular choice for ground cover. Not only does mulch last 3 times longer than pine straw it’s easier to maintain. We recommend initial installation to be 3 inches deep and every 10-14 months a one inch refresh. The dye that is used to color the mulch is a coal based product which insects can’t consume.

How much mulch do you need?

Mulch is sold by the cubic yard. You can use our Mulch Calculator to see how much mulch you will need. Take the result and round up to the next number to make sure that you do not run out.

Once you know how many cubic yards you will need and which mulch you would like, give us a call to arrange pick-up or delivery.

Above pricing is for pick-up only.

Deliveries: ADD Delivery Fee. The fee is based on the delivery point’s location city. Ask for the fee amount.

Applicable sales tax will be added.